About the Galactic API

Galactic began as a personal project of Trevor Vass in 2009 and later grew to see use in large scale production systems at a major university. It has been used in projects ranging from simple console applications, to Windows services, web services, ASP.NET web forms, and ASP.NET MVC web applications.

Special attention was paid to the performance and ease of use of its Active Directory library. Galactic abstracts System.DirectoryServices.Protocols (a thin C# wrapper over Window's C-based LDAP library) to provide excellent performance on large queries and datasets when compared to the traditional System.DirectoryServices libraries commonly used in most applications today. In large Active Directories this can mean the difference between operations taking a few minutes versus several hours.


The Galactic API is licensed under the MIT license and is free for commercial use.

How to Contribute

Found an issue?

Submit it on our GitHub project.

Please include the following when submitting:

  • A brief description of the issue, including any steps needed to reproduce it.
  • A sample of your code that demonstrates or is exhibiting the problem.
  • A stack trace or exception message if one was thrown.
More information makes it easier to fix the problem. If you're really industrious and think you've fixed the problem, please submit a pull request and we can get the fix in for review.

Want a feature?

If there is a burning feature you'd like to see make it into the API submit an issue on our GitHub project detailing what you'd like to see. We want to make the Galactic API as feature rich as possible while still maintaining performance and stability.

Pull Requests

Please do the following when submitting a pull request to our GitHub repository:

  • Make sure that you're working against the latest version of the API.
  • Follow the naming and code conventions used in the project.
For more information about submitting pull requests, consult GitHub's Help documentation on the subject.