Go Galactic!

Galactic offers a constellation of .NET libraries that
solve many of today's common programming challenges.

Active Directory & LDAP

Galactic provides a fast and robust object-oriented class library that allows you to easily query and manipulate users, groups, and objects in Active Directory and LDAP.


PowerShell increasingly drives Microsoft products, and with Galactic you can leverage it's power from within your code. We support synchronous and asynchronous commands with built-in runspace pool management so you run multiple scripts simultaneously without worrying about blocking your application's flow.


Galactic supports Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB, and Couchbase. Our common class library makes it easy to switch between database types without having to learn a new set of method calls.

Role Providers

Galactic offers three role providers to make authorizing users in your ASP.NET applications a snap. Our Active Directory provider uses AD groups, and will automatically create / delete / and manage their membership as required. Our Simple Active Directory provider uses existing AD groups as roles. Our Simple Mapping provider is an easy to manipulate encrypted file that holds role to user mapping data for use when you just don't need all the power (and headache) that Active Directory provides. Since all of the providers implement Microsoft's System.Web.Security.RoleProvider class they're drop-in replacements for the role provider you're already using.


Galactic's SharePoint class library is object-oriented and lets you easily manage lists, document libraries, list items, folders, and documents. Our library helps you liberate the data that's in SharePoint and get it out into your custom applications.

Application Configuration

Ever wanted to change or re-load application configuration data while your application was running? We did too. Our configuration item class makes it easy to store and manipulate application configuration data outside your code. It can encrypt it for you too.


Galactic makes logging easy with a common library that closely resembles the Windows event log. We support logging to SQL databases out of the box but, adding additional log targets is easy. Just extend our base class with your specifics and you're on your way.

File System

Galactic covers the basics with support for all the common operations you'd expect (create, delete, write, copy / clone directories, etc.). We don't stop there though, we've implemented all the gnarly stuff as well, with full support for the management of inheritance, ownership, and permissions.


Galactic also has libraries to help you access and manage calendars, and encrypt and hash your data. Its object-oriented approach makes it easy to build upon to meet your specific needs.

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